Life & Death

by Vanessa Bley

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Shortly after moving from NYC to LA, my father passed away. I wrote this album around that time when I was feeling a lot of grief and confusion. Los Angeles was a strange town to land in with its drought and driving. This collection of songs reflect on the death, the move and everything in between.


released June 28, 2017

Written, Recorded & Produced by Vanessa Bley
Percussion by Steve Kefalas
Percussion Engineered by Christopher Jon
Saxophone by Stuart Matthewman
Mixed by Jonathan Kreinik at Studio Boombox Magnetica
All songs Mastered by David Gardner, Infrasonic Mastering



all rights reserved


Vanessa Bley California

Solo artist and front woman of Twin Danger (Universal) and Beast Patrol. Bley has released four albums between the bands and performed around the world. She also scores for various film and art installations. Full bio on website.

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Track Name: Sunday Afternoon
I miss you
I love you

I love you
I miss you

door was dreaming on a Sunday afternoon
when you blew on through
we both tasted
the gateway you went through
on a Sunday afternoon

oh what a life
revolution does away with the state of decay
what a life
revolution does away with the state of decay
Track Name: Sugar Pocket Jones
The sun shines down outside
Sugar Pocket Jones don't lie
if I had my way
I'd get it on with Jones every day

It's called life
It's called life

The clouds stay low and grey
looking back I'm happy for today
changes come and go
in the end you never really know

It's called life
It's called life
Track Name: Water
Close your eyes and mind
what is it that you see?
with your heart and your needs

Further out we drift
the closer we are to truth
and all that matters for you

Cherish this
it comes and goes like waves
pull me in to water
wash us of our selves


I wanted to see you
I found you out
we all know what your secret is
Track Name: Future Highs
Change, it's every where
but is it different from before
Change, we feel it more
but is it different from before

When I was little my mother said
life is one big circle
it comes and goes like waves she said
before you're born and after you're (dead)
but love is what it's supposed to be
don't be worried about a thing
we'll take care of each other
change is for one another

This is unprecedented time
don't lose it in a future high
only in the present
it's all we've got, it's in the moment
try to stay in touch with yourself
with your brothers and your sisters
love is the answer
Track Name: Sunset Hangover
In this town where people don't walk
I came across everything we talk about
how the land and people need help
and how we can't let anyone else in
to this country that we come from
out, never nice to the other ones
now, in a land where we don't walk
but everyone has got a lot of talk

Late at night when everyones dreaming
I came across California feeling
up the coast, I drove all night
the moon smiled, kid you're gonna be alright

So, I drank the kool-aid of the west coast
Why? I don't know it just felt alright
now, in this land that I call home
next, next stop is the well

Where is the water gonna come from?